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Illuminating Black Power (April 2021)

Regi Angelou is making a powerful statement through her new recent music.



Welcome to Far Rockaway, NY (Mar 2021)

Regi Angelou takes y’all back to where it all started.

Po Politickin Interview

Po Politickin Interview

Artist Spotlight - Regi Angelou (Oct 2020)

Regi Angelou expresses her passion for the music and how this journey began.

Word is Bond Blog

Word Is Bond Blog

(Oct 2020)

Regi Angelou Takes Back What is owed on her newest single "We The People" (Official Music Video Inside)

Rock The Pigeon

Rock The Pigeon

Arts. Culture. News. Community. (Oct 2020)

Regi Angelou Fearlessly Raps the Truth in New Anthem “We, The People”

Flip Da Script Podcast

Flip Da Script Podcast

(Sept 2020)

"She was talking that talk on there," said DJ G-Money, Host of Flip Da Script Podcast.  Regi Angelou recently joined QueenzFlip and DJ G-Money for a behind the scenes taping of an episode. We, The People poetically describes the range of emotions which characterize the public disposition toward a racist and oppressive police system. "We've been doing a lot of talking, and getting no action. This song is about making them listen.", said Angelou

MOBI TALKS: A Digital Series


A DIgital series (May 2020)

If you haven't seen this three part series on Blackness, Queerness, and Freedom, you are missing out. My unreleased music featured through out, but there's also an exclusive Regi Angelou music video in Episode 3.

damn, did we miss the boat ?

Damn, did we miss the boat ?

May 2020

Too many people I know feel like they missed the boat on pursuing their dreams, as if goals have an expiration date. However, I know mad creatives our age that are killing it, and I want you to know that you can do your thing too. 

I’m having a talk about pursuing your creative career later in life, on Facebook live. I’m co-hosting with my homie Mazbou Q, who is killing the rap scene in New Zealand. We’ll also have special guests: Dancer James Alonzo White , Model Chasidy L. Williams, and Rapper Nigel Hood

Top 5 by Zoe Podcast

Top 5 by Zoe

Interview with Hip Hop Controversialist, Zoe Veranda (Fall 2019)

Poppin Off Pink Podcast Feature

Popping off Pink Podcast Interview (August 2019)

After winning the POP Super Cypher, Regi Came back as a guest on the POP podcast. Podcast can be heard on multiple platforms

HBCU Digest Podcast Feature

Interviews, features, & Bookings? Talk to me nice.