MOBI TALKS: A Digital Series


A DIgital series

If you haven't seen this three part series on Blackness, Queerness, and Freedom, you are missing out. My unreleased music featured through out, but there's also a music video in Episode 3.

damn, did we miss the boat ?

Damn, did we miss the boat ?

Too many people I know feel like they missed the boat on pursuing their dreams, as if goals have an expiration date. However, I know mad creatives our age that are killing it, and I want you to know that you can do your thing too. 

I’m having a talk about pursuing your creative career later in life, on Facebook live. I’m co-hosting with my homie Mazbou Q, who is killing the rap scene in New Zealand. We’ll also have special guests: Dancer James Alonzo White , Model Chasidy L. Williams, and Rapper Nigel Hood

Top 5 by Zoe Podcast

Top 5 by Zoe

Interview with Hip Hop Controversialist, Zoe Veranda

Poppin Off Pink Podcast Feature

Popping off Pink Podcast Interview

After winning the POP Super Cypher, Regi Came back as a guest on the POP podcast. Podcast can be heard on multiple platforms

HBCU Digest Podcast Feature

HBCU Digest Interview with Regi Angelou

Podcast Available on Multiple Platforms

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